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Silky- Its almost been 4 years- It doesn't get any easier. My heart is forever broken.  I love you
Hey Silk- Just wanted to write you- It has been a rough year- We lost grandpa - then grandma became Critical and now we lost Uncle Gerry- The only thing that makes it easier is knowing that you are not alone now- That they are there with you... I love you and I miss you so much...
I love and miss you silky- every second of every day! Wish you were here! Muahz love! xoxoxoxox
Your cuz Christina

                          **HERES TO YOU SILKY RIP**                                    

Silky, I miss and love you dearly. The memories we shared were precious. I remember when my mom and I used to live with you for a few months in Middletown. You, Jeremy and I used to go out to the mall.. We would ride in your black car.. I always bought punk rock stuff.. then you would rent movies and games for your PS2.. Your favorite game was crash bandicoot.. When Jeremy was working nights I slept with you to keep you company.. You had all your stuffed animals on your bed.. Other times i just slept on the couch when Jeremy was home.. Jeremy was good to you.. he was like a brother to me.. I remember when we used to spike our hair all crazy a few times.. you always called me Kido for a nickname and Agopymo/It means doll in greek.. Thanksgiving was my favorite time of year to spend with you.. I remember when you and nick would say "uh oh cherry'o.".. Or when we would wait till night and catch lightning bugs.. what fun we had.. we would go fishing, walks, play manhunt, and pick berries for grandma to make her famous tasting jellies.. I remember when we would go camping in a pup tent and would sun bath on a towle in grandmas front yard..Or when you took me trick or treating around chester.. you were Dorothy and I was the Scarecrow from the wizard of oz.. you were always strong, never afraid to be who you are.. you were a tomboy growing up.. thats were I must of inharited it Silky I love you so much their are just so many memories to share and so little time, the memories we shared will be on my mind and in my heart forever.. You mean the world to me.. Love-your cuz Christina

                           **HERES TO YOU SILKY RIP**                                  

Aunt Debbie

Silky, As I sit here and look at this page, it tears the heart out of me,  that I cant truely accept that you really are gone, and that I will never see you again. The pain that I feel hurts so much that theres nothing that I can do to bring you back.

You were a piece of my heart that can never be replaced or forgotten, and I look forward to the day that we can be together again in heaven where theres peace and no more pain. I love you & I Miss you More then you could ever know. You were a daughter to me... Rest In Peace Silky

Grant "jorge" Deaton

There isn't room enough on these pages to share my memories of Silk and I.  I moved to wilminton just two years ago, I met Silky my first night in town.  From that first meeting a great friendship grew.  Last summer was the time of my life.  Silky, Rae Rae, and myself spent so much time together.   If I had a nickel for everytime she made me smile I could die a rich man.  It's just amazing to me that you aren't here.   You won't be here this summer.  My life will never be the same now that you are gone, but I am so happy, so glad that I got to know you.  I'm so happy we spent all that time together.  Right, I know babies.  Sorry about the meat hook but I warned you.  What I wouldn't give to have a fish hook right now.  Perhaps a poke in the side?  It says Born and died on this page.  You know you will live on forever in the hearts, mind and souls of those you left behind.


Love you always,


Olivia Gorman

I didnt know silky, but it is a shame a soul like this had leave so quickly. If we only knew what we could have done. Silky rest in peace girl, let your soul fly as high as you want it to go. your free now, free from hard times, free from rough words, and from cold hearts. Know that you will always be loved by the people who truly matter. On gossmers wings you fly, Only hope follows you now. take care.


Olivia G.

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