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Lisa Miss u June 4, 2012
I think about you everyday. Still don't seem that you are not hear on earth with us. I often wounder what it would be like with you here. But at least I know know that you are up there with Gram and Grandpa I know gram is keeping you inline. lol. Miss you so much. It just sucks that there is so much that you are missing out on in life with us
Becky Missin you Silky July 13, 2008
Hey Silky, Just thinking of you & how badly I wish you were still here with us, It's not fair you died too young.  You were a sister to me, we grew up together, the world doesn't feel the same without you in it.  Our family chain has been broken, & we are left without any answers as to why you are not here with us. I wish you could come to me in my dreams & tell me what happened, so that we can get justice for you & so we can have some sort of closure or an explanation. The unanswered questions never go away.  Everyone that knew &  loved you knows that you didn't take you'r own life. You were too much of a survivor to ever do something like that, & you knew how many people loved you. &  I know that you wouldn't have ever wanted to put you'r mom & Nick and all of us through this.  You passed away almost 2 years ago but it feels like it was yesterday.  There are no words that can even begin to describe the pain & hurt & emptiness that I feel when I think of you.  I bought a Mini Daschound & I named him Meko in memory of your daschound Miko that you loved with all of your heart who was torn away from you & is now in heaven with you. My Meko turned 1 this past Friday & just having him makes me feel that much closer to you. I could sit here & write this for all of eternity because thats  how much I miss you, I pray that you are watching over us and that you are in peace, but most of all Silk I pray that you along with all of the other angels up there & us (your family) see to it that the person that took you away from us is brought to justice. I  love you &   miss you more then words can ever describe. LOVE YA SILKY! ALWAYS & FOREVER!
Debbie, Louise , and Christina Our heartfelt prayers are with you who are left be March 7, 2008
There are no words adequate enough to express the proper condolence in situations like this.  We are strangers, but not strangers to having experienced first hand the horrific abuse from the hands of a psychopath to a loved one, my daughter..her sister. We understand the pain....prayers are being said for those who are left behind.
We understand the helplessness...we are standing where you are today...looking for answers.
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