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Another year has passed ... making it 12 yrs total :-( since the day you went away, and I still love and miss you just the same.
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Rebecca Parsons
Happy birthday, I loved you then, i love you still. I always have and I always will. A piece of my heart is with you. Miss you xo
Love you and miss you. I'd give anything to have you here with us physically. A piece of my heart is with you always. ♡♡♡♡
Love and miss you
Happy Birthday beautiful. Not a second goes ny that I don't think about you. I love and miss you always♡
Rebecca Parsons
I love and miss you Silk. Think about you every day.
Thought about you today. Miss you. Shared a great story with new friends
Happy Birthday beautiful. I wish everyday that you were here in person. But at least you have good company up there. Love you.
David R
I don't know what brought me here today but I'm glad I came. Happy Birthday, you are not forgotten. Miss you
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